Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Curriculum Vitae vs. Resume

Do you know the difference?

Most job postings in the United States request a resume when applying for a position. Many of you might be familiar a curriculum vitae which is most commonly used in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. 

The main difference in a resume and a curriculum vitae is the length. To best illustrate the difference, we can take a look at the meaning of each word. The French word resume means summary. On the other hand, the phrase curriculum vitae in Latin means course of one's life.

Take a moment to look over the essential elements of a resume vs. a curriculum vitae so that you know what to submit on the next application.

Key Elements of a Resume
  • Uses active verbs
  • Uses plain language
  • Consists of one to two pages
  • Includes
    • contact information
    • professional goal
    • work experience
    • education history
    • skills
    • achievements
  • Formatted in reverse chronological order in most instances

Key Elements of a Curriculum Vitae
  • Consists of two pages or more in most instances
  • Includes
    • work experience
    • education
    • publications and presentations
    • teaching experience
    • awards
    • honors 
    • affiliations
    • references

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